December 11, 2013

The launch that was planned for tomorrow, December 13, is now being scrubbed.  There will not be a launch tomorrow.  Please stay tuned for notice of future launches.

Annual Elections

December 11, 2013

I’d like to thank those who attended and contributed at our annual electoral meeting.  On behalf of the CTRA board, we all extend our warmest thanks to Chris Colby, whom dedicated 10 years of hard work and time as Prefect, and efforts towards the growth and development to the club.  Thank you!  The new board of directors is as follows:

Pete Shultis as President

Mike Croupe as Vice President

Mike Salvitor as Treasure

Craig Nemethy as Secretary

Gary Schwartz as Prefect

Dave Mosher as Director

*Note*  The change in office will take effect January 1 2014

Thanks again to all!

Black Saturday RSVP

November 27, 2013

If you are  planning on attending please reply so we have a head count of how many people to expect.

 You can send an  e-mail   to
Thank you.

Black Saturday Fund Raiser Launch

November 18, 2013


AMW and CTRA had a thought, what if Black Friday Sales were followed by a Black Saturday Launch!

Black Saturday 11/30/2013 9AM Where: 2080 Hurley Mountain Rd Hurley, NY 12443‎

K Impulse Limit *L impulse requires proper documentation and presentation to CTRA-PREFECT prior to event.

Commercial Motors Only  | Waiver to 6,000’ AGL | AGL Range Open: 9AM – 4:30 PM

Black SaturdayBlack Saturday Launch AMW Robert and Gloria will supply some Estee Rockets and motors so all children can fly a rocket for free.  Visit the AMW Trailer for details.

• The Wish Bone Challenge! A wishbone tied to either the launch pad or between two rockets.

• Turkey Lofting! Preferred defrosted turkey as a pilot in the payload. We will be deep flying these birds once retrieved so RSVP.

• The Turkey “The Body Exhibit” A few members would like to call a challenge to those who can build a skeletal turkey rocket and fly it.

The Red Onion Restaurant and Bar

November 14, 2013

If your in the area of the East of the village of Woodstock, NY stop in and support one of our club members establishments The Red Onion Restaurant and Bar.

Address: 1654 Route 212 (At Glasco Turnpike)
City: Woodstock
State/Province: NY
Zip/Postal Code: 12498
Phone: (845) 684-4275

AMW FRIDAY 11/15/13 PREFECT SALE 10% off and 20% off 75 & 98 CTI reloads so people can get ready for Red Glare…

November 14, 2013

AMW PREFECT FRIDAY 11/15/13 SALE 10% off.* CTI loads being picked up this Friday by the club PREFECT to save on shipping costs.

RED GLARE SPECIAL: 20% off 75 & 98s so people can get ready for Red Glare…

Fly Safe Kids!

November 14, 2013


Always make sure your project has a minimum thrust to weight ratio equal to or greater than 5:1, in order to ensure safe stable flight.


AMW RED GLARE Sales Special – 25% off if order is placed by 11/19/2013

November 14, 2013

AMW RED GLARE Sales Special – 25% off if order is placed by Wednesday 11/19/2013 use coupon code “Redglare” ..

November 11, 2013

The chill in the air out at Hurley Field failed to dampen the enthusiasm of our club members, as many of them came out for the last scheduled launch of 2013. In addition to our regular members, a group from Yale came out with their project – an Artemis with a predicted altutude of 5,100′. The Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association High Altitude High Achievers (acronym: yuaa-ha-ha!) had a picture perfect launch. Even with low wind, however, their apogee deployment casued their launch vehicle to hit the woods and wound up in a tree. At the time I had to leave for a friend’s 50th B-day party, they had found it and were coaxing it down with our recovery pole.

Some of the flyers found out that in colder conditions things don’t always go according to plan. Joe Schredniawski suffered a cato and had some guide rings fail, both possibly due to the cold. A few other projects wound up digging core samples and suffering deployment failure. Beyond that, though, we had a lot of flights that went just as planned. Gary brought out his 12 foot black and yellow rocket which provided a real thrill, we had a member successfully complete his level 2 certification attempt, and many, many perfect flights.

This was the best end-of-season launch we’ve pulled off in many years. You never know – if we see a weekend that looks promising in December we may call an impromptu launch, but my gut says we’ve said goodbye to another year of flying. Thank you to everyone who pitched in with setting up, tearing down, and helping on the field over the year with LCO, RSO, pad management and other range duties. A special Thank You is in order for our Prefect, Christian, whose consistant presence and desire to improve how the club operates is a real asset as we work toward becoming the best we can be. Robert should also receive mention here, as he has been responsible for many improvements to the club’s capacity, especially to our PA system which has become more and more robust. We all look forward to the new flying season which should start next March. Once we’ve established a schedule, we’ll be sure to get it posted so you can save the dates. For now, have Happy Holidays!

Great turn-out for the last launch of 2013

November 11, 2013